Sep 26, 2013

Vakkaya Pulihora

Vakkaya is well known as Karonda in Hindi and Kilaakkaai in Tamil. I don't know what they call in other languages. In North India it is well known as a Pickled berry, they make pickle with this like Mango. This looks like olive when it is green after it turn in to fruit it change the color in to red some times green and red mix color. When it is green they taste very sour when  turn red  they taste sweet and sour like cranberry. This fruit is rich source of iron and contain a large amount of C vitamin. This is widely used in Pickles, jams, syrups and jellys
                                                    This one is seasonal fruit we can see them hardly 3 months. we usually by this for Vinayaka chaviti pooja. Seeds of this fruit is little bitter so better remove the seed and you can use the fruit. Check here to know more about this fruit.

We use this fruit in making dishes like Vakkaya pappu, Vakkaya kobbari pachadi, Vakkaya avakaya, Vakkaya chicken and today my recipe is Vakkaya pulihora. So my recipe with  V for Vakkaya Pulihora. Take care when using Vakkaya in cooking because it is very sour in taste. Don't cut and keep them for long time they may change the color. Let's check the recipe.
vakkaya pulihora INGREDIENTS:--
Rice  ----- 1 cup
Vakkayalu  ---- 1/4 cup remove the seed and cut in to pieces
Green chillies----  3  cut in to lengthwise
Channa dal   ---- 1 tea sp
Ground nus----  1 tab sp
 Dry red chillies  ----  4 broken
Mustard seeds  ---      1tesp
 Green chilli and ginger paste-1teasp
Turmeric powder---  1teasp
Asafoetida   ---1/2teasp
salt to taste
Few curry leaves                                              
1.Cook rice with 2 cups of water and turmeric and spread in a big plate sprinkle few drops of oil mix gently and set a side to cool
2.Grind Vakkaya pieces in  a blender for a second( don't make it a smooth paste let it be coarse and mix with green chilli and ginger paste and set a side.
3.Now heat oil in a pan add mustard let it splutter add ground nuts,channa dal cashews and fry till light golden colour.
4.Now add green chillies,red chillies, Vakkaya mixture ,asafoetida stir fry for 2 seconds and add to rice add salt to taste.
5.Mix well  to combine all the ingredients, mix well togather
 Serve with pickle and Garelu (vada). I like to have this with coconut chutney what we make for idli or with potato kurma....
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Srivalli said...

Wow Padma, this is such a wonderful post..I love these fruits and wait for the chavithi for these..

Priya Suresh said...

Its been ages i had this kalakkai, this vakkaya pulihora looks fabulous..Seriously wish i get those fresh kalakkai.

Unknown said...

oh that is so flavorful and delicious pulihora!!

love to eat some!!


vaishali sabnani said...

Oh how I love these karondas..I love to eat them with potatoes and green chilly...must try the rice looks so flavorful.

Chef Mireille said...

totally new fruit to me but dish looks delightful

cookingwithsapana said...

I love karonda , these rice looks so delicious ...

Harini R said...

I have only heard of this but maku Vaakkayalu dorakavemo ikkada! Lovely.

preeti garg said...

Look so flavorful and delicious.

Pavani said...

What a delicious vaakkaya pulihora. I totally forgot about vaakkaya for my A-Z Andhra dishes.

Padmajha said...

New recipe and the pics are so tempting!

veena said...

We make instant pickle with this. This recipe is new to me.Looks nice