Jun 15, 2008

MASALA PARATHAS Cooking 4 all Seasons: Announcing an event to Celebrate Indian Flatbread ~ Roti Mela!

Hear one more paratha for my rotis and parathas lable This parathas are very high in protiens.I am useing fryied gram for this parathas fried gram--putnalu-- pori kadalai If you have idli podi in hand you can use that also or you can make a powder with 1cup-fryied gram[putnalu],1tesp-cumin,1/2tesp--salt,1/2tesp--redchilli powder,2 cloves-garlic make a smooth powder and you can use it for filling.


1cup--fryied gram powder[putnala podi]

2-3--green chillies-chopped

1/2cup--coriender chopped

1/2tesp-lemon juice

1tesp--garlic chopped

salt to taste


1/2tesp--cumin seeds

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl [you can add alittle water just sprinkil to make balls] and make a small lemon size balls and keep a side

make dough like as per normal parethas and leave for 1/2 hour ,and make small balls and press small puries and keep the masala ball on it and close from all sides.

and press like round roties little thicker then normal roti.

Heat atawaand fry the paratha both sides with 1tesp-oil[if you are giving to kids you can fry with ghee]

serve hot with sweet curd[mix curd with 1tesp sugar or greated jaggery]and lauki[sorakaya plain kura]sabji

This is my another entry for srivallis RotiMela at cooking for4all seasons