Jun 4, 2008


Pulao's and biryani's are most popular meal in India This one pot meal's are my favourites,because we can get what ever we need for our body in one day there will be in one pot. This rice goes well with cucumber yogurt raita.and you have to make this rice in kadai[wok].
200gms.--paneer[indian cheese]
1cup basmati rice,cooked in 2cups of water
1tesp--coriander seeds
1tesp--cumin seeds dry rost both of them and make a coarse powder
1inch peace--cinamon
1medium-tomato sliced
1big -capsicum cut in to cubes
1tesp-turmeric powder
1tesp-chilli powder
2tesps-dry fenugreekleaves[kasoori menthi]
1/2tesp-garam masala
2tebsp-coriander leaves for garnishing
1.cook rice in 2cups of water with a little oil and spread in a plate let it cool.
2.Heat oil in a pan ad cinamon,clove,cardomom then add sliced onion fry till onion become soft,now add paneer and stir for 2minutes
3.now add ginger garlic paste mix one time,then add capsicum peaces stir once
4.now add powder masalas one by one turmeric powder,chilli powder mix in between cover and cook for 2minutes.
5.now open and add tomato peaces ,coriander powder ,garam masala powder stir once add dry fenugreek leaves ,salt to taste mix well and add cooked rice mix well togather all the ingredients combain well
6.remoe from fire and garnish with chopped coriander leaves
serve hot with cucumber raita