Jun 22, 2008


This rice verietie is with lots of pineapple and dry fruits so this rice is very rich in protein and very tastey also.Good choice for lunch box.


11/2cup--cooked rice

1/2 cup-pineapple finely chopped

1/4cup-cashew nuts


1/2 cup-ground nuts

1small onion-chopped

2medium-tomatos chopped


1/2tesp-mustard seeds

1tesp -cumin seeds

2cloves-garlic finly chopped

a few curry leaves

1tesp- red chilli powder

1/2tesp--turmeric powder

1tesp-coriander powder

salt to taste
1tebsp-chopped coriander leaves
1tebsp-chopped-spring onion


Heat oil in a kadai add mustard seeds let it popup then add cumin seeds,chopped garlic ,cashew nuts. ground nuts,and chopped onion and fry onion till soft.

now add chopped tomato,chilli powder, salt to taste,turmeric powder, coriander powder and chopped pineapple mix well and cover and cook for 5-6mins. means it leaves oil on the sides

now open and add chopped spring onion chopped corianderleaves ,cookd rice and mix well togather to mix all ingredients combain well remove from fire and serve with curd
If you can eat eggs hord boil one egg and serve with this riceI am sending this rice item to Mixed Rice Verietie Event by easy craft's at simpleindianfood.http://simpleindianfood.blogspot.com/2008/06/mixed-rice-varieties-event.html


RamyaBala said...
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RamyaBala said...

Hey revathi,
The recipe sound new...So before giving a try I have lots of Q for U...forgive me...1. adding tomatoes to the pineapple..Won't it become more sweeter n 2.Will not the pineapple shed the juice by cooking it for 10minutes?I am asking in the sense whether the pineapple pieces will get mashed or what?

rekhas kitchen said...

hi ramya
This is rekha no ramya it wont become sweeter because Iused fresh and little raw pineapple and red chilli powder also so the rice will be hot and sour and sweet taste.Half of them are mashed not full you can get small peaces in every bite,if you are using cand ones dont use the juice thanks for the comment

easycrafts said...

Thanks for participating in the event with this new dish