Jun 21, 2008

munakkaya- mamidikaya kura[drumstick and raw mango curry]

munakkaya-mamidikaya kura with egg

ingrdients;- munakkaya -mamidikaya kura with out egg


mango--1medium size

onion--- 1 medium size

tomato--3medium size

ginger garlic paste--1tesp

red chilli powder---1tesp

turmeric powder--1/2tesp

salt to taste

coriander powder--1tesp

mustard seeds--1/2tesp

cumin seeds-1tesp

a few curry leaves



choop onion and tomato and keep a side cut drum stick in to 1inch peaces mango in to bite size peaces.

heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds let them popup add cumin seeds and curry leaves then add chopped onion fry till onion became soft now add drumstick peaces cover and cook for 5 mins.

open the lid add ginger garlic paste , coriander powder, chilli powder turmeric powder,salt to taste mix well and add chopped tomato and mango peaces sprikle alittle water and cover and cook for8-10 mins. mix in between cook in a low flame remove from fire and serve with rice or roti

You can add hord boild eggs to this curry add them when you add mango peaces since Iam a pure vegerarian Iwont eat egg also so I added eggs for my hubby .


Suma Rajesh said...

fabulous delicious recipe ...u have got a nice colour..its delicious

Suma Rajesh said...

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