Jun 5, 2008

SAGGU BIYYAM DOSA[sago pan cakes]

sago-saggu biyyam--sabudana-sabbaki--javuarisi--sago pan cakes[saggu biyyam dosas]

Long back i saw my amma was making dosas with useing a little sago and they are very soft,that time i think why not only with sago and rice with out uard dal and i tryed ,it came very well.Trust me they are very soft and look like aapams but not in taste i think.Now they are my favourites ,because i am abig dosa lover


2cups--raw rice

1cup--sago[saggu biyyam,sabudana]

salt to taste

wash and soak rice for 3hours in enough water and soak sago in water for 1 hour and grind with salt in to a smooth paste and leave it for over night next day morning you can make dosas.
Heat apan and greas with little oil and pour 1laddle full of batter and spreed in to rounds like pan cakes sprinkle 1/2tesp oil on it cover with a lid and cook only one side[dont turn and cook] remove from pan and serve hot with channa dal chuteny or onion chuteny

dont over heat the pan make this dosas in amedium heat once you spread dosa you can cook in ahigh flame.
Best combinaton of chutney s are for this Saggu biyyam Dosa ... Tomato chutney or Pachi senaga pappu pachadi
or just check my Chutney s Lable


momsnetwork said...

all yummy and mouth watering dishes
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