Jun 18, 2008

AWWAMEH [sweet dumplings]Siri's Corner: 'Frozen Yogurt' - A Cool Summer Event

this recipe is from Middli Eastern Cuisine.When I first came hear I was thinking that Middle Eastern cusine dosent have any vege.recipes but i was wrong they have alot.When Itaste this sweet Iliked it very much because they are like what my amma makes with uard dal paste and I was serching for the recipe and one fine day i got the recipe in one cook book and itryed it came out well so.. this is that recipe And this is my one more entry for siri's Frozen Yogurt-A cool summer event at siri's-corner


21/2 cups---All-purpose flour[maida]

21/2 cups---Yogurt

1/2 teasp--yeast

oil for frying

5 cups --sugar syrup to make sugar syup add sugar and water in a pan and boil it and make a syrup like what we make jamuns little thicker then that means this syrup have to coat the dumplings


1. mix flour with yeast and fold in the yogurt

2.keep mixing to get afairly but sqeezable consistency

3.covre the dough ans keot it a side in medium temperature,plce until double in size

4.fill a pouring bag with the dough and in to the wok with hot oil squeez out small lemon size balls

5.keep on turning the balls until they are evenly golden brown in colour

6.remove and dunk inthe syrup

7.when they are soft remove and shake off excess syrup and serve warm


Suma Rajesh said...

nice recipe for the event....it too nicely presented...

Andhra Flavors said...

nenu chudagaane edi bajji type recipe anukunaanu but sweet. nijam gaa surprising gaa vundi.

rekhas kitchen said...

thanks suma and andhra flavours

Summer said...

here is my Awwameh recipe, hope you like it...i made it without yogurt and it turned out really good. i will try your recipe and hope it works out for me. thanks!