Jun 20, 2008


sangeeth eat-helthy-protein-rich

Yes this is a protein rich roti Ican say,Imade this roti with lots of dry fruits.Dry fruits are very rich in proteins,Iused 1.100gms cashewhas--18.22g of proteinsand also very good in carbohydrates 2.100gms--almonds has 22g of proteins,and indian ayurveda says almonda are very good for brian and memory power3.100gms walnuts has 15.23gms of proteins,it controls bad cholesterol level and very high in Antioxidants 4. Iused Dates in 100gms dates only 2.5gms of proteins but they are very rich in iron.Some kids they dont like dry fruits like those kids i think this will be a good idea.After fasting if we have one roti we can get a lot of energy.......and the recipe is hear


100gms--cashew nuts


100gms--wal nuts

1/2 cup--dry coconut

10no---dates chopped

3-4 cordomoms

paratha dough


1.choop dates in to a very small peaces keep a side.

2.grind all dry fruits in to a powder and mix with dates and mash well make a small lemon sized balls.

3.take paratha dough and make small balls and roll in to small puris

4.keep dry fruit ball in the middle of the puri and close from all sides and press them in to round roties

5.heat tawa and fry roties with oil or ghee both sides

remove from tawa and serve hot with honey

if you are making this roties for kids fry them with ghee.This roti will stay for 1 week in the fridge they will stay even for one month.Iam sending this roties for Sangeeth's eat-healthy-protein-rich event at letusallcook.blogspot.comletusallcook.blogspot.com/2008/06 eat-helthy-protein-rich.html


Sangeeth said...

very healthy roti....thanks for sending it to eat healthy contest....

Uma said...

delicious and healthy roti!

Srivalli said...

thanks for the lovely entry!