Jun 16, 2008

RAW CAULIFLOWER-GARLIC PARATHA Cooking 4 all Seasons: Announcing an event to Celebrate Indian Flatbread ~ Roti Mela!

Before Iuse to make cauliflower parathas with cooked cauliflower but when I tryed this one's.I liked it very much and they are very tastey .This is how I prepared them
1/2 medium sized-cauliflower-greated
2-green chillis--chopped
3cloves-garlic-finely chopped
salt to taste
Take all above ingredients in a bowl and knead dough and leave for 10 min.
divide dough in to small balls and roll each ball in to circles of 7-8 inches diameters with the help of rollingpin
Heat apan put 1tesp oil place paratha on it sprinkle sam more oil on top of it and sides of paratha
Fry bouth sides in golden color remove from pan and serve hot with curd and salad
Iam sending this parathas to srivalli's RotiMela


Priti said...

Hey Rekha, cool yaar...you should have name it Gobi Paratha with Garlic Twist ;) ...very nice parathas.