Jun 1, 2008

SEMIYA PAYASAM[vermicelli payasam]

This is a very easy sweet, we can make this in a very less time.This is a very common sweet and i can tell this is an instent sweet also.If vermicelli is at home you can make this in 15 minutes.And also a helthy sweet because vermicelli is made by weat flour and we are going to cook in milk so very good for kids if you are in dite you can use low fat milk for this and dry rost vermicelli and nuts.


4cups-whole milk
16no.-cashew nuts
1.boil milk and keep a side
2.in a pan add 1teasp ghee and fry cashews and raisins and keep a side
3.In the same pan add left over ghee and add semiya fry till brown colour.
4.now add milk to semiya and let it cook till semiya becomes soft
5.Now add sugar mix well and remove from fire and add cashews, raisins,saffron mix well
[ dont keep payasam on heat after adding sugar some times milk will break add sugar and mix well to dissolve sugar and remove from fire]
semiya payasam is ready to seve north indian people makes this recipe in the same method they call this as sevayya or sevayya ki kheer if you want a rich taste you can add 1tebsp condenced milk to it
serve hot or coold.