Nov 19, 2008


Udupi is very famous for its temples specially I love Krishna temple in Udupi. In udupi Krishna temple they serve tastiest mid day meal for devotees, and the taste of the prasadam ooooh I don't have any words to express just heavenly.
I have a friend geeta she is from Udupi. She is a very good friend of mine, this recipe is from her and she is a great cook too. Thanks a lot dear geeta for the recipe miss you a lot dear.
And here is the recipe................


Red chillies --- 3-4

Coriander seeds --- 1tea sp

Fenugreek seeds --- 1/4 tea sp

cumin seeds --- 1/2 tea sp

coconut oil or ghee --- 1 tea sp

A few curry leaves

Asafoetida -- a pinch (opt)

Heat oil or ghee in a fry pan and fry all above ingredients one by one.

Take care not to burn any thing.

Powder all to gather.

this will stay for 7 days after 7 days the aroma will decreas so beter make fresh.


Toor dal --- 1/2 cup

Saarina pudi ---- 2 tea sp

Jaggery --- 2 tea sp

Tamarind extract ---1/4 tea sp or 2 -3 pieces of tamarind soak in water.

Asafoetida --a pinch

turmeric -- a pinch

oil -- 1 tea sp

Mustard seeds ---- 1/2 tea sp

Red chillies ----1

Coriander and curry leaves ---- a few

Salt to taste


Cook dal with turmeric.

Take out the juice of tamarind and add 1 cup water or dilute tamarind extract with 1 cup water.

Add jaggery and cook till jaggery melts, then add cooked dal,saarina pudi, salt and chopped coriander and curry leaves and let it boil for 4-5 min.

Heat oil in a other pan add mustard seeds and let them popup then add asafoetida,and add this to belesaaru.

Serve hot with hot plain rice and happala and little ghee.


Lakshmi said...

umm...I can smell the aroma...bele saaru is a comfort food :)

Adlak's tiny world said...

I too love that temple and been there 4 yrs back with my parents..
Yr saaru looks so inviting and visit my blog, something waiting for u dear.

Unknown said...

love rasam anytime..nice recipe..

Priya Suresh said...

Saaru looks so inviting Rekha...lovely entry..

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow saaru looks tempting.

Pavani said...

looks spicy n tasty

Unknown said...

wow.. nice entry.. new 2 me.. thxs for sharing.. sounds delicious..

Kannada Cuisine said...

Love Krishna temple.. and bele saaru as well. It is the ultimate comfort food

Deepthi Shankar said...

i love bele saaru .. it tastes divine

CurryLeaf said...

the jaggery brings out all the flavours in it.Looks lovely and ver much needed comfort food

Anonymous said...

This recipe is exactly the same given in Ayisrecpes.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous Thanks for your information I don't know about this my recipe(sorry bele saru recipe) is exactly same like Ayisrecipes. Every traditional recipe is almost like same because they are not our own recipes some body elce created those recipe s before us so who ever makes the recipe now we follow that recipe only so there is nothing special in this means my udupi belasaru recipe is same like Ayis recipes..I hope you understand