Nov 24, 2008


Poaching Eggs is one of the esaiest,quickest,and low calore way of prepering eggs,as there is no added fat.Poached eggs make great addutions to salads,or sandwiches,or just served simply with tost and a little salt and pepper.

Here is the recipe how to make a poached egg.............


Fresh egg -- 1 no

Vinegar ---1 tea sp

use a shallow pan and aslotted spoon


First boil water in a shallow (or you can use a soucepan also)pan add vinegar bring a boil and keep it in alow flame.

The vinegar will help the egg whites to congel more easily (I used normal vinegar you can use any other white vinegar rice vinegar will works well)

Crack egg in asmall cup 0r bowl,then place near the surface of the hot water in the pan and gently drop the egg in to the water. With a spoon move the egg whites closer to their yolks.This will help the egg whites hold together.

switch off the heat cover the pan with alid.Let sit for 4 min.,or till the egg whites are cooked.

Then lift eggs with a slotted spoon and season with salt and pepper.

For toping

1/2 cup --- sweet corn

1/2 cup --- chopped spinach

1/4 cup --- sliced onion

1clove --- garlic chopped

1/2 piece --- red capsicum chopped

1tea sp ---olive oil(if you like you can use butter here that will give a good taste)

Salt and pepper for taste


Heat oil in a pan add garlic and onion fry for 1 second then add red capsicum keep stiring then add chopped spinach,and sweetcorn and fry for 2 seconds and remove from the stove and add salt and pepper for taste and leave a side

Let us see how to serve this with poached eggs............

Take a plate and first place a bread slice (Iserved with home made egg less banana bread (recipe comming up in my next post)but you can use what ever you like normal bread or even brown bread will give a better taste)

Now place poached egg on top of the bread slice.

Then top with corn and spnich mixture,serve with any fersh juice for breakfast


Divya said...

NIce recipe..Very new to me....

Priya Suresh said...

Simply superb Rekha..

Medhaa said...

never poached eggs or had them that way, sounds very healthy and delicious

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

lovely breakfast... this will make my day...