Jun 25, 2008

BROCCOLI & MUSHROOM STIR FRY Culinary Bazaar: "Huan yin " to A.W.E.D Event with theme - Chinese

Ilike to eat Indo-chinese ther is a restaurant in Bangalore,in indranagar when ever i go to india 100% ivisit that restaurant one time. They named as chinese reataurant but that is a tipical indo-chinese i think and the food in that place is mmmmmmm long back I had this broccoli stir fry in one restaurant hear in abudhabi before that Inever tasted broccoli and from that time I added broccoli in my weekly vegetables list broccoli is good in preventing cancer. and here is the recipe




garlic-5pods-finely chopped

black pepper corns--1teasp-crushed

spring onion chopped-1cup


soya sauce-2teasps

corn flour-1/2tesp



hot tomato sauce-1tesp-optional

salt to taste


1cut broccoli in ti bite size peaces and dip them in hot water for 2min. remove and rince in cold water and keep a side.

2.cut mashrooms in to 4 peaces.Heat oil ina wok add garlic and wight part of spring onion fry for a few sec.

3.then add mashrooms keep stiring after a few sec. add broccoli stir fry for 2min, now add soya sauce and tomato sauce and crushed pepper.MSG and stir fry for few sec.,dissolve corn flour in water and add and fry for 1sec. and remove from fire and serve hot with plain rice or fried rice even with noodles
This stir fry broccoli& mashroom is for dk's A.W.E.D-chinese event


Uma said...

wonderful entry! The curry looks so delicious.

Andhra Flavors said...

good entry, surprissing combination brocoli and mushroom.

RamyaBala said...

Truly speaking,I was looking for recipes with brocolli...urs looks so good..Thanks for sharing dear

Illatharasi said...

One more way of eating Brocoli;) It looks great, i will try this:)

Sailaja said...

Great entry Rekha. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I never did anything with broccoli will try this. Thanks for sharing the recipe

Suma Rajesh said...

good entry....luv the combo of brocolli and mushroom...

D said...

Did u jus say Broccoli and mushroom!!!!! Wow thats a unique combo. Never tried anything this way :) will surely try this one out. Good one and thanks for sending it my way. :)


Andhra Flavors said...

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