Feb 15, 2009



cooked rice --- 2 cups
Tomatoes --- 4 big ripe
Onion --- 1 big
Green chilies ---- 3no.
Garlic ---- 6 cloves
Oil ---- 1 tab sp
Mustard seeds --- 1/2 tea sp
Urad dal --- 1 tea sp
Chanadal --- 1 tea sp
Cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp
Dry red chilies ---- 2 broken
Afew curry leaves
Turmeric powder --- 1/2 tea sp
Red chili powder ---- 1 tea sp
coriander powder --- 1/2 tea sp
cumin powder --- 1/2 tea sp
Salt to taste
Peel, wash and chop onion and garlic very finely, wash and chop tomatoes very finely slit green chillies.
Heat oil in a fry pan add mustard seeds and let them popup then add urad dal, chana dal,cumin seeds, dry red chilies and curry leaves let them fry for few sec.
Then add finely chopped onion and garlic and fry till onion become soft then add chopped tomatoes and salt to taste let them cook till tomatoes are become pulpy.
Now add turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder mix well and cook till oil leaves from the sides of the pan cook in a low flame.
Now mix well and add 1/4 cup water mix well and again cook till it become like a chutney.
Then add cooked rice to this tomato mixture remove from the heat and mix well to combine well and leave for 10 min. to half an hour then serve
Serve with potato fry (bangaladumpa vepudu) or with pappad and onion curd chutney
Agood choice for lunch box.
Enjoy your meal.


Dershana said...

Easy yet delicious lunch option on bust days!

notyet100 said...

perfect u can send this for fic orange,,

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow sounds yummy, easy and gr8 if we are in mood of spicy food.

Kannada Cuisine said...

We call it tomato bhath.. love it

Anonymous said...

Its our fav too..looks tempting.

Pavithra Kodical said...

Tomato rice is always a winner in our house..Delicious..

Cham said...

Great confort food!

Nithya Praveen said...

Easy and delicious.I make this often for my husbands lunch box.

Trupti said...

tomato rice looks yummy

Kitchen Chronicles said...

Tomato Rice looks delicious.

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