Jan 3, 2009


Green apple ---1 peel and chopped
Green peas -- 1 cup frozen or fresh
Onion --- 1 small chopped
Potato --- 1 small peel and chopped
cinamon --- 1 inch piece
Ginger --- chopped 1 tab sp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Butter --- 1 tea sp
Cream for toping

Heat butter in a sauce pan add cinamon,ginger chopped and chopped onion and fry for a min. then add chopped potato and cook till potato become soft stir in between
now add chopped apple and green pea s add 1/2 cup water and cook for 10 -15
min. remove and cool it.
Blend it in a blender till smooth and again pour it in to sauce pan add 11/2 cup water, salt to taste and pepper and bring to a full boil.
Garnish with cream and serve hot with dinner roll s
can add 1 tab sp sweet corn kernels in each bowl for a better taste
And you can grill the potato and green apple insted of cooking in the butter and boil with green pea s and blend it in a blender this way will be more helthy
I hope you all enjoy this recipe,this is a big hit in my new year party and I hope you all also like it.
Enjoy your meal.


Kannada Cuisine said...

Apple in a soup? That is an interesting idea

Vibaas said...

A different combo. looks yummy.

Chef Jeena said...

Sounds really lovely and great on a cold day. :-)

Happy new year.

Unknown said...

wow.. looks perfect & delicious..

Sunshinemom said...

The soup looks delicious and different. The clover shaped dinner rolls look good too - did you make them at home?

Shama Nagarajan said...

wow..different combo...delicious

Unknown said...

very nice soup recipe..that too using green apples is a healthy idea..

Priya Suresh said...

Sounds delicious, even i tried once soup with green apple, i bet that they tastes awesome rite??

Cham said...

A fruity soup ,hmmm very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Very good!

Anonymous said...

Some of the content is very worthy of my drawing, I like your information!