May 31, 2008

ANDHRA PULIHORA[tamarind rice]


This is a tangy flavoured rice mixed with tamarind,is one of the rice varieties mostly prepare in festivals in every andhra home.and also one more prasadam[ means what we affer to god we call in telugu is prasadam] for lord venkateshwara

priests offer this rice item to lord venkatehwara every morning.There are many variations in this you can make with tamarind, rawmango ,lemon juice but a little difference in the preparation.No festive meal is complet with out this classic dish in most of andhra homes if it is sankranti or ganesh chaturthi or diwali. In south india there are many variations in this rice veriti in tamilnadu people make this with a powder called puliyodari mix, even in karnataka iyengar people make as similar to tamil people but only the name and simple different name is chitranna

hear i go with the recipe in andhra variation


sona masoori rice--11/2cup[you can cook the rice with 3cups of water]

tamarind extract---1/4cup[you can adjust the tamarind extract according to your taste]

green chillies--3 cut in to lenthwise

a few curry leaves


ground nuts--1/4cup


dry red chillies-4

mustard seeds-1/2tesp

ginger and geen chilli paste-1tesp




salt to taste


1.cook rice with turmeric powder and spread in a big plate.

2.soak tamarind an extract juice and remove pulp and keep a side

3.heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds,after 1sec. addgruond nuts, cashew nuts,channa chillies, let them fry till brown add asafoetida ginger and chilli paste , fry for 2sec. add curry leaves do it in a low flame, add tamarind juice and salt let it cook till oil come out. remove from fire add to rice and mix well

tamarind rice is ready to serve

some people like to eat this rice with curd specially myDAD and my hubby