May 24, 2008

UPMA[a south indian break fast item made by samolina]

Upma is one of the most camon break fast in andhra it is very simple also.You can add a lot of vegetables to it but now iam using only tomato. This will be a light and helthy break fast


1cup -upma rava[samolina,sooji,cream of weat]

2cups -water

1no- - onion chopped

4no--green chillis

1inch peace--ginger chopped

a few curry leaves

salt to taste




1tesp--chanadal[split chick peas][pachi senagapappu]


2medium sized--tomatos chopped

1tebsp--ghee or butter[optional]


1.heat oil in a pan add mustard,cumin,chanadal,cashews fry till olden brown colour then add chopped onion, chopped ginger ,green chillis fry till onions become transparent now add chopped tomatoes fry till tomatoes become soft add curry leaves add samolina mix well add salt and 2 cups water mix well cover and leave for 2minutes. add 1tebsp ghee or butter mix well cover with a lid leave for 5-7 minutes.

4.remove from fire and serve hot with coconut chuteny

If you like the taste of lemon you can add 1tesp lemon juice to upma