May 22, 2008

MASALA MAGGIGA[salted butter milk]

This is a traditional thirst quenching,refreshing drink with high in nutritional properties like appetizing,cooling and as an excellent antidote to sun stroke in Indian summer time.If you visit any andra home during summer time and you are sure to be welcomeed with a glass of salted butter milk.Andra people use a lot of butter milk in lunch or dinner there meal wont complet with out salted butter milk which is taken towards the end of a meal which is specialy we remove butter from curd[yogurt] and that leftover butter milk in very good for helth,it enhances digestion .In my house my mom use to make this drink every day,we use to have this in the morning ofter break fast. there is no fat in this drink because we are removing butter[fat] from curd.WE can use low fat curd[yogurt].It is a very good summer drink makes you cool, and also a good calcium subsitute and a goodhome remedie for piles,diarrhoea jaundice dysfunctions of liver



salt to taste

1/2inch peace-ginger

a few curry leaves

1no.--green chilli[optional]


1. add curd and water,salt to taste and blend it in ablender in low speed for a minute.

2. pour in to a bowl add ginger ,curry leaves, green chilli chopped and serve chilled.

Another variation of spiced butter milk heat oil in a pan ,add a few mustard ,curry leaves,hing[asafoetida] let them splutter remove from heat and add immediately to the butter milk cover for few minutes and then bleend for once and chill serve chilled top with chopped cucumber.

one glass saited butter milk has-25calories


Pooja said...

Hi Rekha..Tried your masala majjiga today..We enjoyed having it..Thanks for sharing dear..Posting it today in my blog and giving a link back to your post..