May 15, 2008

DOSA--lentil pan cake--Indian pan cake

This is a traditional break fast special in south India,made with rice and dal[lentil] batter.I can say these are Indian pan cakes.If you want to eat dosas on sunday morning then you need to start the preparation process for the dosa batter on saturday morning.The regular dosa batter is made by raw rice[not cooked,not basmathi rice]and urad bean[split uard bean]soaked in water and grind in to a very fine batter once you grind the batter some bubbles can be found on the surface and that will be increase after fermentation.keep the batter in a warm place for fermentation over night
There are a lot of different verietes of dosas.The urad bean and rice can be replaced with highly refined weat flour to make maida dosas or with semolina for rava dosas and a different varieties of lentils for different varieties of dosas.
How to make dosas:-
after fermentation the batteris then ladled in a small amount on to ahot greased skillet[dosa pan] where it is spread out in to a thin circle and fried with a little oil or ghee[clearified butter] until golden brown. The dosa may then be fold into half and served or it may be flipped to cook on the other side and then serve.
Though considered abreak fast dish dosa can be eaten any time in the day.ther are many varietes of stuffed dosas like vegetables,potato,meats,sauces to creat a different meal
and these dosas are typically served with chutneys and samber[avegetable mix lentil soup] or pickle or lentil powders[kaarapu podi, milagai podi] .some places in south india like tamil nadu and andra pradesh people serve with chicken and mutton curry[gravy]
this typicall south indian food is rich in carbohydrates and proteins