May 15, 2008

SOFT DOSA{soft lentil pan cakes}

SOFT DOSA[soft lentil pan cakes]
1.cup ---uard dal[minapa pappu,split urad lentil,ulundu]
2.cups--rice[un cooked,not basmathi rice]
1teasp --salt
1/2 teasp--menthi[fenugreek,menthulu]
1.wash and soak rice and dal to gather in water for 3-5 hours
2. griend rice and dal in a mixee orwet griender in to a smooth paste, this paste should be a very fine batter once it is ground some bubbles can be found on the surface
3.keep the batter in a warm place,and leave this for over night for fermentation day morning take a small amount of batter and spreed it on a hot greased skillet[dosa pan]
5.whereit is spread out in to a thin circle and fried with a little oil
6.flipp it and cook the other side also and serve hot with coconut chutney
this dosa s will stay soft for long time my mom use to make these dosas for traveling.


Nerissa said...

Good for people to know.