May 20, 2008

TOMATO PAPPU[pigeon pea with tomato or red gram with tomato]

pigeon peas with tomatos,or red gram with tomato or toordal with tomatos

In India this type of curries we use split pigeon peas.This pigeon peas[red gram] are rich in proteins
Toor dal -- 1 cup (pigeon peas,red gram)
Tomatoes -- 4-5
Onion -- 1 small
Green chilies ---4 or according to your taste or you can just omit green chilies if you dont like much spicy
Red chili powder -- 1 tea sp or you can use cayenne pepper also
Turmeric powder --- 1/4 tea sp
Salt --- 1 tea sp or according to your taste
For seasoning:---
Mustard seeds -- 1/4 tea sp
Cumin seeds --1/2 tea sp
Urad dal -- 1/2 tea sp(split urad bean)
Garlic --- 4 cloves crushed
Oil -- 2 tea sp
Curry leaves -- 1 spring
1.Rinse toor dal well drain water, cover rinsed toor dal with water soak for 1/2 hour.
2. After half an hour transfer dal with 3 cups water in to a large pan bring to a full boil. Reduce the flame cover and cook till the dal is half done.Means if you press the dal in between your fingers dal should split. this will take roughly 20 min.
3.While dal is cooking peal and chop onion in to small pieces,slit green chilies(if useing),chop tomatoes in to small pieces.
4.Now add this chopped vegetables, salt, turmeric powder,red chilipowder(cayenne pepper) give a nice stir, cover with alid and let it cook till vegetables and dal become soft and mashey. remove from flame, mash alittle bit with a potato masher,set a side.
5. For seasoning heat oil in a frying pan over mediun heat. When hot, add mustard seeds let them splutter then add crushed garlic,urad dal,cumin seeds and curry leaves add this seasoning to the dal and tomato mixture give a nice stir.
Serve hot with steamed rice and mango pickle, fried potato or with roti.

If you are going to make this in a pressur cooker transfer dal in to a pressur pan add 1 cup water, chopped tomatos chopped , onion, green chillis turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and cook till 2 whistles. heat oil add seasoning items and add this to cooked dal.