May 21, 2008

MANGO LASSI[yogurt mango drink]

MANGO.... called as King of fruits is the most beloved fruit of every one in India.This sweet and juicy fruits are high in water content making them refreshing to eat and also rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates,antioxidants,and vitamin A and C .This vitamin and water rich fruit is native to India.

In India raw mangoes are widely used in chutneys,pickles and curries in kerala ripe mango is used as a vegetable in the preparation of a dish called mambazha kaalan and ambe upkari in konkani cuisine.Most of the people eat ripe mangoes and also use them to make juices both in ripe and unripe form.Peaces of fruit can be mashed and used in ice cream they can be used in pies or blend with milk for milk shakes and also in desserts.Powder raw mango is some times a condiment in various cuisines.



1no-ripe mango cut in to peaces

2cups-fresh curd chillid[yogurt,dahi,thair,perugu,mosaru]

1/4tesp-cardmom powder[elaichi,yalakkai]



1.peal and cut mango, put in a mixe and blend.Add all other ingredients blend it till smooth

2.chill well befor serving or add crushed ice if desired.
you can make this drink with mango nector or mango pulp