May 25, 2008


Green chutney Roti


atta- 1 cup

green chutney -1 tbs

salt-1/2 teasp

oil for frying

For green chutyney:

1 bundle coriander leaves

1 bundle podina leaves

5 to 6 greeen chillies

1" piece ginger

2 teasp lemon juice

3/4 sp salt

1 teasp cummin seeds

grind all above ingredients with little water and keep aside.Take one cup atta in a bowl add one tbs green chutney ,salt and one teasp oil and mix atta for parathas.Divide six portions make balls with that and roll round parathas.This parathas should be thick (not like normal rotis but quite bit thicker).Heat a tawa and put potato on it sprinkle ont teasp on paratha and turn the other side and put one more teasp oil on the other side fry till golden brown colour both sides.Remove and serve with curd and salad.This is very easy to make and tasty.



Srivalli said...

Rekha, all your parathas are excellent!..thanks for sending across so many. I am taking this green chutney roti also, though you had not sent. And how about protein roti?