Dec 14, 2008


All purpose flour ---- 11/2 cup

Egg ---- 1 no.

Butter milk --- 11/2 cup

Baking powder --- 1 tea sp

Baking soda --- 1/4 tea sp

Sweet corn kernnels ---1 cup

Sugar --- 1 tab sp

clove and cinamon powder -- 1/2 teasp

Vegetable oil --- for frying

Salt ---- 1/4 tea sp


Mix all above ingredients in a bowl (flour,egg,butter milk,baking powder,baking soda,sugar,corn kernnels) and add salt mix well till all ingredients are combine well

heat a flat pan on a medium heat and spray oil on it and pour 1 ladle batter and cook till light golden color.

Then flip the other side and cook the other side also till light golden color

Remove and serve with honey and butter or any jam

Enjoy your break fast.


Unknown said...

love the addition of corn..looks yumm..

Priya Suresh said...

Wow looks the addition of corns n buttermilk..

The Fit.Me said...

Hey it looks like a delicious dish..yummy :)

Why dont you send this entry to Sharmi for her event..

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